B2Binpay — acceptance of payments on the websites and in mobile applications without intermediaries

It is useful to all who sells goods and services on the Internet. We guarantee that money won't hang on the account of the intermediary company, and will go on a straight line into your account from merchant acquirer.
We will call back to you during two working days. If we don't — we will write to you.
  • The payment page in 8 languages

    English, Spanish, Turkish,
    German, Italian, Russian,
    Chinese and French
  • Payments from any bank cards

  • Payment: 0,7 — 5% from every

    We take the fixed commission from each transaction. We calculate the commission individually for each client.
Installation of the payment service provider
After agreement signature we open for you the account in merchant acquirer, we give access to personal account and we connect the payment service provider with one of three methods:
  • Separate payment page
    — 30 minutes on installation

    The universal payment page, which looks good on the computer, a pad and the smartphone. It is on the domain of payment service provider, and it can't be changed.

    Example of the payment page
  • The branded payment page
    — 1,5 hours on installation

    The universal payment page which is established through iFrame. It is on the separate page on your domain or emerges as pop-up.

  • API-integration "Server-Server"

    Your programmers bind payment service provider to your website through API. You decide how the payment page will look.

    Example of the payment page
Acceptance and return of payments

One-time payments

The buyer chooses the pleasant goods, drives in data of the card and presses "to Pay". The merchant acquirer charges directly money off an account of the buyer or reserves the necessary amount and writes off it in a day.

Repeated payments

The buyer permits system to remember the card. Next time he can pay in one click because it doesn't need to enter these cards anew. The system identifies its card on the issued token.

Subscriptions or recurrent payments

The buyer permits system to remember the card and to automatically withdraw from it money for a hosting or Internet access. The token is appropriated to the card. With its help the merchant acquirer will monthly draw a fixed amount from a card of the buyer

Individual discounts to buyers

The dealer can allow to the buyer an individual discount, which isn't specified on the website. For this purpose he creates the new payment reference in system and sends it to the buyer. Then the buyer pays goods for new price.

Setup of payments

In a personal account you can adjust: how many goods and at what price to sell. After setup, you receive the reference for payment to post it on the website or to send to the client.

Control of subscriptions

You decide how it is frequent and what sum to raise from the buyer. If you want — adjust the trial period: duration and cost of a subscription.

Payment cancellation

If the buyer changed his mind, you can independently cancel his payment.

Refund of payment

If the client is dissatisfied with purchase and requires money back, then the dealer can return them independently.

Safety and reliability
  • Separation of roles

    We give employees different access to data. For example, the accountant won't be able to activate the new user, and financial statements are unavailable to the administrator. In total in system there are 5 access levels: for the account executive, the technical support specialist, the accountant, the administrator and the analyst of risks.

  • Without intermediaries

    We will open for you the account directly in merchant acquirer. Money of your buyers will come directly on this account, passing us and any third parties. Nobody will be able to detain or freeze them on the account.

  • Reliable partner banks

    We open accounts in banks, which are direct principals of visa and mastercard payment providers. At least 1 million dollars lie on account of every payment system. In case of problems they will pay off your losses from these money.

  • Annual certification of PCI DSS Level 1

    Our payment service provider annually undergoes certification of PCI DSS Level 1. It confirms that data of buyers pass via secure channels and swindlers won't be able to steal them.

  • Support 3D-Secure

    We support the official 3D-Secure protocol from VISA and MasterCard to verify authenticity of the owner of a bank card.

  • Protection against swindlers (beProtected)

    You adjust which payments to accept, and which not. For example, if the client within an hour tries to pay 6 times purchase from one card, then transaction can be declined automatically. You can cancel suspicious payment or report about it to us.

Full technical support
We help you during collaboration


We help to collect a complete packet of documents for opening of the account and to choose merchant acquirer so that you won’t lose on currency conversion. For example, if the broker accepts payments from around the world, we will open for him an account in European Bank. The dollar will be base currency of the account, so all payments will be converted automatically into dollars. So the broker won't depend on fluctuations of currency rates.


We customize a payment service provider in 30 — 90 minutes for you or we will pass API to your programmers.

Continued technical support

Our programmers control system condition round the clock. We guarantee that 99,6% of time it runs smoothly. It means that within a year it can be unavailable no more than 5 minutes per day.


If you don’t have any programmers, we will test the system for you. Let us be convinced that payments reach their destination and there are no mistakes.

Information support

Let's help to challenge chargeback of buyers or to brand the payment page.

Request for receipt of the payment service provider

We will send you the questionnaire with questions of your business, licenses, jurisdiction, the markets and amount of transactions. It will help us to calculate the estimated cost of service. We don't take money for payment service provider, only the commission from payments.

We don't work with criminal business

We don't work with the companies which sell drugs, unlicensed medicines and pornography. Let's not connect a payment service provider to financial pyramids or funds with the guaranteed percent. If we learn that the dealer is engaged in illegal business, directly we will block it and we will freeze its accounts.